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realizzazione manufatti plastici

Plastic materials extrusion , plastic bars extrusion and Plastics Rods Processing

Setecs Engineering is specialized in the extrusion of plastics as always, has also developed the business of plastic extrusion bars.

Our philosophy, is not to limit ourselves to the easiest processing, but also to realize the most complex projects that require special application techniques.

The extrusion of plastic bar was in fact an "enlargement" of the production of our company, completed thanks to our divisionSetecs Lab: an emphasis on the search for new solutions to the problems of our customers and the technical and commercial guaranteed assistance are our strengths.

The real case: Plastic bars processing

The latest study carried out by Setecs Lab in the extrusion of plastics came out from the resolution of a very real problem by one of our customers as regards as a processing of plastic bars.
This company needed to replace the tubes, having dimensions of the external diameter of 14 mm x 6 mm internal diameter and length 3000mm, currently made of PVC and with extremely rigid tolerances on the inside, with another type of material having a chemical resistance both at certain temperatures that two different types of specific acids.

Setecs Lab identified the two suitable materials , proposing a solution with the PVDF and PEEK, both high-performance materials.
Subsequently, we realized prototypes starting from a solid bar, which, following a deep drilling performed mechanically, led to have a hole length of 1 m. It led also to balance the internal and external diameter measure.
Only after the success of the various trial tests, we performed the construction of the extrusion head of the tubes for both materials.
Contacting Setecs Lab allowed our customer to have an innovative solution on the market , receiving a personalized service at certain costs and high quality.

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